China is recovering quickly, what shall the USA do?

China is recovering quickly, what shall the USA do?

During the double festival holiday (October 1 to October 8), China received 637 million domestic tourists, railways sent 126.87 million passengers, and all roads in China are expected to send 379 million passengers.

During the National Day, film revenue was nearly 4 billion, and the country’s postal express parcels exceeded 1.8 billion.

The national retail and catering key monitoring enterprises had sales of about 1.6 trillion yuan, and online payment transactions were 13.392 billion orders with a total value of 7.23 trillion.

A total of 18,824,600 tourists were received in 8 days. These numbers are exciting and hard to come by.

This is a good result in a special period. Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading globally, and the world economy is still in a downturn.

China, which has withstood the test of the epidemic and gradually recovered its vitality, handed over such a beautiful report card during this “Golden Week”, allowing the world to witness China’s recovery prospects and development potential.

In this regard, many foreign media praised, “China’s economic recovery is a global success story.” Controlling the COVID-19 epidemic, restoring the economy, and peace of mind are the fruits of China’s actions.

Some Chinese people say this: Foreigners, don’t need to be jealous, let alone hate, this is the result of all Chinese people united in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic together!

This is China’s National Day crowded by the isolation of the whole city during the Spring Festival! Foreigners, without paying, of course, don’t expect to gain but continue to enjoy your freedom…

China contained the COVID-19 epidemic in just three months, and quickly recovered its economy within three months and achieved regular rapid growth.

Now, look at the United States, Brazil, and India. How is the economic situation affected by COVID-19? Is freedom important or human life important? If life is gone, what about freedom?

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