Alibaba, not as great as Huawei?

Alibaba, not as great as Huawei?

Many people accuse Alibaba’s Xunxi and Manlu, on the grounds that Alibaba and the people at the bottom are grabbing food, and some say that they should learn from Huawei and do some high-end technology.

Therefore, the attack on Alibaba was not responsible, Taobao robbed the work of offline entities, Manlu robbed the work of courier and so on.
I feel that people who say this is very poor at distinguishing right from wrong.

First of all, I’m not partial to anyone! Alibaba and Huawei are both great. The following views represent only personal opinions. If you don’t like it, you can be theorized or even exaggerate, but you can’t swear.

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Since its establishment, Alibaba has been misinterpreted by certain remarks. At the beginning, Alibaba’s main purpose was: to make the world easy to do business. Many people think that Jack Ma has robbed the offline physical store, so they scold him and scold Alibaba, scold Taobao.

Then, it is obvious that Alibaba‘s e-commerce and new retail have promoted social changes, and they have not caused the decline of physical stores.

Many people use data to compare, I just want to say, you think about how much convenience online shopping brings to yourself. Those who oppose it will say that I never buy things on Taobao, I always go to physical stores. So on the other hand, does this have anything to do with offline and online?

The key is a personal preference. Online shopping promotes changes and makes it easier for the public, so this view of grabbing business is not valid.
Let’s talk about the second point. Xunxi and Manlu have solved the problem of the dealer price difference and the last three kilometers of express delivery respectively.

A netizen from NetEase commented that Alibaba would only grab food with the people at the bottom. This kind of speech is used to sensationalize!

Let us first think about a question, what is the change and progress of society? The answer lies in the result of group efforts. The birth of the car did make the groom lose his job, but since then there have been drivers and car maintenance workers. Similarly, the birth of the donkey can derive other professions, and Xunxi can also realize modern intelligent manufacturing.

The progress of society will eventually eliminate and optimize organizational structure and groups. If individuals do not think hard, is it not a matter of course to eliminate them? Why do you have to say you are grabbing food?

Because Huawei has touched the core technology of the United States, the United States will inevitably suppress it. Not only Huawei, tiktok, Tencent, and even Alibaba, they are already at the forefront of the world.

Nowadays, developed countries headed by the United States will inevitably encircle our Chinese companies. Those companies are working hard, so we are not qualified to belittle anyone.

One last thing to think about: Why do we order food online so fast and so convenient? What if this happened in Australia? Quite simply, they have a demographic dividend and insufficient staff density. Not only is it expensive to deliver food, but it is also extremely slow, and it may even be impossible to order it.

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